Zapped by the Utility: 5 Reasons Raising Fixed Fees is Unfair

Like mine, your eyes probably glaze when you see items like “fuel cost adjustment clause,” but tucked in your monthly electric bill are two big components that matter. One is a fixed amount you pay to be connected to the grid every month. The second is a variable portion is based on what you use.

Democratic Energy Media Roundup – week of February 1, 2016

This week in Democratic Energy:

Rooftop solar debates ramp up.

Green Mountain Power CEO has advice for Wisconsin renewable proponents.

Nevada’s solar policy amounts to a “bait and switch.”

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Is Socialism what’s stopping a fair value for solar? by John Farrell, CleanTechnica

New Fossil Fuel Power Plants: Assets or Liabilities?

In any conversation about the transition to a renewable energy economy, solar and wind advocates will eventually come up against the term “stranded assets.” It’s a misleading term, usually deployed in defense of legacy fossil fuel power plants (and their owners).

But as times change, “stranded assets” can be redefined and in the next few years it could become a powerful tool for advancing a 100% renewable energy future.

Democratic Energy Media Roundup – week of January 18, 2016

This week in Democratic Energy:

Nevada continues to draw battle lines between NG Energy/PUC and Nevada citizens.

Now that the Investment Tax Credit has been extended, the pinch between policy and practice falls on the states.

Community Solar “wins” in Minnesota.

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Solar potential on public buildings in Kansas City, Minneapolis & New York City by John Farrell, CleanTechnica

Valuing Distributed Generation

The Texas State Energy Conservation Office released a report in December 2008 titled, "Texas Renewable Energy Resource Assessment"(pdf version of full report).

Just How Democratic are Rural Electric Cooperatives?

Randy Wilson knew you had to start somewhere.

Knocking on doors and hanging around retail store parking lots, he and volunteers from the citizen group Kentuckians for the Commonwealth collected signatures. After weeks of holding out clipboards, they collected the more than 500 signatures needed to run for the board of the Jackson Energy Cooperative in Appalachian Kentucky.

It was unprecedented for Wilson in 2009 to challenge a sitting board member. Never in the cooperative’s 71-year history had a board member run opposed.

Democratic Energy Media Roundup – week of January 4, 2016

This week in Democratic Energy:

Nevada slashes Net Metering policy.

Solar investment tax credit gets an extension from Congress.

Midwest Energy News’ 2015 year in review focuses on the fight between utilities and everyone else.

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Fixed charges, ‘bailouts’ and green tea: the Midwest Energy News 2015 year in review by Ken Paulman, Midwest Energy News

Congress Gets Renewable Tax Credit Extension Right

placeholderIn case you missed it over the holiday, Congress passed a new federal budget, notably extending tax credits for solar, wind, and other renewable energy technologies.

John Farrell Interviewed for Solar Energy Show Podcast

John Farrell was recently interviewed by Barry Cinnamon for his Solar Energy Show podcast, titled “The Path to Energy Independence.”