Power Company Misinformation on HB2201 Exposed

A funny thing happened in the Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee meeting this afternoon.  The Committee took up and passed HB2201 without any changes, but a lot more happened during the discussion of the bill.  AEP’s obstruction of solar advocates’ efforts to correct a serious error in the bill collapsed in disgrace.

Duke Energy Holding Company Using Bogus Arguments to Attack Net Metering in Indiana

The desperate multi-state holding company Duke Energy is attacking net metering in Indiana.  RTO Insider has a good summary of the situation.

Duke trotted out the tired old propaganda that adding extra charges to solar power producers “balances the interests of customers who have their own generation and those who don’t.”

More on Holding Company Strategies

A friend in Morgantown posted a comment under this morning’s Oak Park post that is actually much more connected to my “Dangerous Holding Company” post.  The comment contained a link to the video below.  This is an interview with Michael Liebreich Chairman of the Advisory Board of

Oak Park, IL Microgrid Project Moving Forward

I posted back in 2013, here and here, about the pioneering project to turn more than 100 homes in Oak Park, IL into a resilient microgrid.  The project is moving forward as you can see from this link.

Dangerous Holding Companies Rebuilding Empires at the Expense of the Rest of Us

Back in the 1910s and 1920s, Samuel Insull, president of Commonwealth Edison in Chicago, and banker J.P. Morgan put together a network of privately owned holding companies that controlled must of the major electric utilities in the US.  In the late 1920s and early 1930s, this dangerous pyramid of companies collapsed, threatening the stability of electrical service across the country.

How to Maximize Municipal Energy Options for Santa Fe (Public Radio Broadcast)

Santa Fe, NM, is battling with its electric utility, PNM, over the utility’s continued heavy reliance on large-scale fossil fuel power plants in a state with some of the best sun and wind resources in the country. Director of Democratic Energy John Farrell joined Santa Fe City Councilor Patti Bushee to discuss options for Santa Fe’s energy future with host David Bacon in this January 22, 2015, program.


Democratic Energy Media Roundup – January 21, 2015

This week in democratic energy, the president’s acknowledgement of solar progress, global climate change, science (!), and the growing economic gap in our country means there’s never be a better time to support keeping our energy dollars local.

Lyn Davis Learn’s short video on Huffington Post this week highlighted just how much 3-minutes can do for a movement. Check it out!

WV Senate Passes SB 1 with Net Metering Protection

Just a little while ago, the WV Senate passed Senate Bill 1, repealing all of the current Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard law, except for the authorization of net metering in WV.  The Senate Bill 1 renames the law, §24-2F Net Metering of Customer Generators.

Alliance for Solar Choice’s Bryan Miller Shuts Hoppy Down

Hoppy Kercheval had Bryan Miller of the Alliance for Solar Choice on his radio show this morning.  Hoppy offered up every bogus argument against net metering that you have read about here on The Power Line over the past five years.  Bryan hammered him on every one.

Here is a link to Hoppy’s show today.  The interview with Mr. Miller starts at 14 minutes in.

Hoppy Wants Free Market for OH-Based Power Companies, But Not for West Virginians

Yesterday, Hoppy Kercheval weighed in on the repeal of WV’s do-nothing ARPS law.  As Power Line readers know, I have no problem with repeal of the law, as long as net-metering for West Virginians is preserved.