Solar Mosaic

Solar Mosaic is a marketplace that anyone can use to create solar projects and finance them from their communities, locally and online. Our mission is to flip business-as-usual energy development on its head and democratize it through clean energy.

We started Solar Mosaic to create more solar for our communities. Solar Mosaic connects people who want to go solar with the buildings that have the ideal roofs and space to go solar. Mosaics are works of art where many pieces come together to form a whole. With Solar Mosaics, many people come together to build community solar projects.

Contact Solar Mosaic
816 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94710
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What We Believe

  1. In a world that is 100% powered by renewable energy. Our purpose is to give people the power to create prosperity for their communities and the world through clean energy. Prosperity through solar energy!
  2. In energy democracy, a society where everyone has a fundamental right to clean and affordable energy.
  3. In a new energy economy that is led and owned by people, not by the Big Banks that brought you the last fossil fuel economy, a broken housing market, a huge government bailout and still won’t lend to small businesses that are trying to create jobs.
  4. In 100% employment and that clean energy can connect the people who most need work with the work that most needs to be done.
  5. In having fun with our work. We strive to live by the poet Khalil Gibran’s words, “Work is love made visible.”