Washington Local Energy Alliance

Washington Local Energy Alliance  is a coalition of real people and organizations seeking solutions to energy challenges at the community level. Some of our members are private citizens, nonprofits, developers, contractors, consultants, financiers, and manufacturers. All of us have a stake in a future where every county in Washington State participates in the financial benefits of our energy grid’s ongoing diversification from big central plants and passive consumers to a wider mix of clean production & efficient consumption.

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The Local Energy Alliance of Washington’s mission is to represent the distributed energy industry in this state. Distributed energy (DE) is similar to distributed generation (DG) as defined in I-937, the difference being where DG refers to distributed electricity production DE includes other forms of distributed energy production such as useful heat and transportation energy. We are the manufacturers, the installers, the developers, the consumers, and the service providers with the vision and abilities to build a local energy economy in Washington State.

Policies that support the development of distributed energy facilities can be designed to stimulate a vibrant local energy economy with minimal cost to the State. To this end, the Local Energy Alliance of Washington (WALEA) has identified the following four priorities for unleashing the nascent Distributed Energy (DE) Industry:

  1. Sensible permitting and licensing requirements in every jurisdiction.
  2. Interconnection standards that are scale-appropriate, economical, and timely.
  3. Tariffs and net metering that allow distributed energy projects fair access to the market.
  4. Cost effective incentives to accelerate the accrual of DE benefits to the State and its citizens.