Vineyard Power Cooperative

Vineyard Power is a community-owned, 501(c)12 not for profit, energy cooperative.  We are made up of a growing list of residents (seasonal and year-round) and businesses.  Together, our goal is to power our Island from renewable sources. 

By owning, generating, and consuming this renewable energy, the cooperative will stabilize and minimize its members' electrical costs while reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Contact Vineyard Power Cooperative
322 State Road
West Tisbury, MA 02575
Additional Information

Vineyard Power was developed by the Vineyard Energy Project to help the Island achieve the energy goals of the Martha's Vineyard Island Plan. This master plan was formed and developed by thousands of Vineyarders and seeks a sustainable future for Martha's Vineyard that maintains our island's character while ensuring a healthy local economy.

For a more detailed picture of the history of Vineyard Power, please visit our interactive timeline.

The First Solar Panels on a Capped Landfill on Martha's Vineyard
The First Solar Parking Lot Canopy on Martha's Vineyard
The First EV Charging Station on Martha's Vineyard
Cronig's Solar Canopy Update - EV Plug In
Cronig's Solar Canopy Updates
Aquinnah Landfill Construction Update #4
Cronig's Solar Canopy Opening