Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative

The Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative is a truly community owned solar cooperative that provides private citizens and businesses the opportunity to buy into a commercial scale solar electric system and gain the financial, community education and planetary environmental benefits inherent in local solar energy development.

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Additional Information

The Frances Anderson Center Solar Program ("Program") is a project of Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative. The purpose of the Program is to:

  • Provide discounted electricity to the Frances Anderson Community Center for the duration of the initial 9.5 year contract, and potentially for many more years if the City of Edmonds desires.
  • Provide a way for the community surrounding the Community Center to support the transition to clean energy.
  • Educate the Edmonds community about solar energy.
  • Earn State of Washington Solar Production Incentives, and provide cash rewards up to the SunSlice™ buyer's original purchase. (e.g. a Member buys a Cooperative Membership for $25 and a SunSlicetm for $1,000 and receives an average of $100/year in cash rewards for 10 years, funded by available incentives.)
  • Provide the Co-Op with the potential ability to direct future local clean energy benefits out of surplus funds at the end of the contract period. 

How the program works

Members directly support the installation of solar panels at Frances Anderson Community Center with their dollars. Each $1,000 of solar power capacity installed at the Center is called a SunSlice™. Members of the Program are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Your name promoted with the solar array you are supporting.
  • The ability to track, online and in real time, the energy production of the solar power system you're supporting.
  • Annual solar power rewards - each year for the entire membership period, the Program will provide each member cash rewards valued at $100.00 per year per SunSlice™ you own, supported by green energy production made possible by your SunSlice purchase.

Anyone may join the Co-op but only cooperative members living in the state of Washington may purchase SunSlices™, and be eligible for all the incentives available. A member of the Cooperative may be an individual, a group of individuals, or an entity, such as a corporation or nonprofit organization.

Current Status

A 4.2 kW photovoltaic system was installed in August 2011 built with money from our 37 Phase 1 co-op members. We are planning to add up to 60 kW in spring 2012 under existing roof lease and insurance agreements.  Our 57 member co-op includes private citizens, a family foundation, 2 churches, PCC and the President of the Edmonds City Council

Flyer March 2012
Flyer March 2012