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Arezza - Fondazione Arezza Onlus - is a nonprofit foundation that develops, funds and manages sustainable tourism, environmental and community economic development projects in selected communities in collaboration with local partners. The word is from the dialect for a fishing net; in Italian, “rete” is the word for network, representing communities working together to achieve common goals.

The Arezza Mission

Create new sustainable wealth and economic opportunities in a community by:

v  Improving local knowledge and expertise,

v  Ensuring accountability and responsibility by participants,

v  Educating clients about our communities to ensure respect for local values and traditions,

v  Utilizing market forces to achieve economies of scale and purchasing power,

v  Developing markets for products and services,

v  Focusing on sustainable projects in tourism, energy efficiency and water resources,

v  Generating capital resources for small enterprises,

v  Partnering with nonprofits and local government to reach into a community,



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The Environment

Energy Savings and Water Resources Management Solutions for Your Community

Ready to Implement Green Power Projects local partners cover the entire spectrum of services for energy production, including expert consultation, the supply of high-quality system components to ensure optimum performance over time, after sales maintenance and other services.


Find out how Combined Heat and Power CHP systems work
o   cost and performance characteristics
o   energy savings and environmental benefits to your property and community

o   Energy Savings Performance Contracts ESPCs energy savings without upfront capital costs
o   how to set-up and operate your community Energy Service Company
o   design and construct your energy project
o   obtain financing to cover costs, guarantee cost savings and payments over contract term


Tourism Energy and Water

A global network of public entities, private businesses and nonprofits working together locally and collaborating with other communities to create new business and employment opportunities.

A Collective Multidisciplinary Approach Increases Knowledge and Wealth in a Community

A community is a virtual or real, indoor or outdoor authentic experience representative of and rooted in the local history and traditions of a territory.

It works best with informal, friendly interactions between guest and host 

Participants are new entrepreneurs, existing small businesses, nonprofits and local government all working together in a laboratory designed to acquire and constantly update knowledge and learning skills.  

The result: a sustainable and full cultural immersion that is both product and market oriented and generates new wealth for your community.