RE-volv empowers people and communities to invest collectively in renewable energy.


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RE-volv’s website,, lets people donate money to help build community solar energy projects.  Donations are pooled together in what we call the "Solar Seed Fund."  The Solar Seed Fund is a revolving fund that finances solar energy systems in community centers.

The community centers we serve are non-profit organizations that play an important role in their community - such as a school, university, hospital, or place of worship.  Solar energy saves these community centers money every month on their electricity bills, allowing them to showcase renewable energy and better serve their community.

A community center leases solar equipment from RE-volv for 20 years, during which time the cost of the solar installation, plus a small fee, is recouped by RE-volv. RE-volv continually reinvests the money earned through solar leases back into the Solar Seed Fund in order to serve more communities with solar energy.

Since the Solar Seed Fund earns a return on each community solar lease, our collective fund for renewable energy is continuously growing.

RE-volv™ lets anyone and everyone chip in to help build renewable energy projects in the United States. We help communities by lowering their electricity bills and teaching people about renewable energy, while we continually reinvest our funds into more and more solar projects. Together, we are planting seeds for a renewable energy future!