Hampton Roads Solar Group

The Hampton Roads Solar Group is a consortium of people dedicated to the daily use and promotion of green technologies. The overarching mission of the group is to demonstrate the importance and benefits of renewable energy for both businesses and private residences alike. We believe the adoption of clean energy solutions will strengthen the economy, expand jobs, and improve our environment, both locally and nationally. 

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6100 Kempsville Circle
Norfolk, VA 23502
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To accomplish our goal, we provide education and public outreach programs, as well as participation in public policy development and other activities. Annually, we host the Hampton Roads Solar Home Tour in concert with the National Solar Home Tour, which is organized by the American Solar Energy Society. Our objective for the tour is to provide a forum for local individuals to meet and discuss their commitment to renewable energy, to share and learn new techniques in which to live sustainably and of course, to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

We also have an on-going blog with the latest updates and related items of interest to the Hampton Roads Community: