Cooperative Energy Futures

Cooperative Energy Futures is an energy efficiency cooperative based in the South Minneapolis community with a focus on the four Phillips Neighborhoods, Central, Powderhorn, and Corcoran. We offer products and services to help residents save energy and money at home, but more than that, we work to help neighbors connect to build the energy future that they want to see.

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3100 Longfellow Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55407
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There are already services to help large corporations and institutions harness the power of energy efficiency to serve their mission – but these services are not yet available for communities of residents. CEF is helps groups of neighbors work together to extend the same opportunities to save energy and money to the rest of us. This solution has the potential, when applied across the country, to collectively save billions of dollars in energy costs for homeowners everywhere and can be one of the first major steps towards creating energy independence. Together, we will build solutions that can improve energy efficiency, save on utility bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and grow a stronger community.