State Programs

In addition to our work with community-based renewable energy member organizations across the country, we have also worked closely with local stakeholders to develop the following programs:


DC SUN is an umbrella organization for 11 neighborhood solar coops located throughout Washington, DC. We strive to make rooftop solar power accessible and affordable for everyone by providing communities with the information, connections, and opportunities they need to move efficiently through the “solarization” process.



A project of the Community Power Network, we work to promote solar across Maryland with an eye toward creating models and networks that can be replicated throughout the six-state Chesapeake Bay watershed and beyond. MD SUN is a catalyst to deploy solar in Maryland by building a positive feedback loop between projects and policy. Our goals are to:

  • Promote community-based solar projects in key locations across the state and use those projects to inspire, educate, and mobilize a diverse constituency for solar energy.
  • Lead, promote, educate and mobilize citizens and elected leaders in Maryland to support policies that expand access to solar in every part of the state.


VA SUN is a citizens network of solar supporters in Virginia. We are part of a community listserve open to any individual or business interested in supporting the growth of solar in the state.

The listserv includes people who have gone solar, want to go solar, and people who work on solar installations or solar policy. It is not a place for polemical arguments nor advertising, but a place for practical advice on how to go solar. It’s also a way to keep track of local developments around solar, including pending laws, incentives, and changes in policy. 



WV SUN is leading the transition across West Virginia—helping towns and communities develop renewable energy projects and programs that will sustain our economies and our planet for the long haul, while making sure we continue to power America.

We fight for the little guys—the non-profits, homeowners and farmers that can’t afford the constant rate increases.  We work with towns with long, proud histories that need new industries and new jobs.  We’re looking to a future that’s locally grown—with power and good livings to be made in the hollers.