New Generation Energy

New Generation Energy is a Boston-based nonprofit that promotes environmental sustainability by helping nonprofits and local communities achieve energy efficiency.

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Nonprofit organizations – schools, shelters, food banks, libraries and community centers – are hard at work fulfilling their charitable missions. However, many don’t have extra resources to spend on energy efficient projects that save the environment and their long-term operational budgets. That’s where we come in.

New Generation Energy educates, fundraises, and connects with nonprofits to build environmentally conscious communities. Through our full-featured website, we provide information and help fundraising for environmental projects across the country. Our newest initiative, Local & Green provides complete energy makeovers to regional groups of nonprofit organizations.

Our motivation doesn’t simply come from collecting money or constructing solar panels; the ultimate goal is to create a ripple effect in the communities we work in. Completing green initiatives does more than just save our environment. It helps other nonprofits work more efficiently toward their own missions. New Generation Energy believes that a healthy environment and strong nonprofits are essential to building sustainable communities.